LED High Bay Lights

Polycarbonate Reflector vs Acrylic Reflector of LED High Bay Light

in LED High Bay Lights

When comes to the reflectors of LED High Bay Light, there are an Aluminum reflector, PC reflector(Prismatic Polycarbonate reflector), and Prismatic Acrylic Reflector. These reflectors are usually used for the traditional type LED High Bay Lights which with a neck(heat sink) and now also for UFO LED High Bay Lights. Why do you need a reflector for your high bay […]

How to Choose the Correct LED High Bay Light?

in LED High Bay Lights

Who knew lighting up any new space is a such challenging task! After all we can’t apply the same type of lighting solutions to both homes and commercial spaces, right? Your employees need to see the computer, machines, products, and so much more. Lighting a space like a warehouse or manufacturing facility is a tall […]

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