LED Panel Lights&Troffer

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Installing LED Panel lights is the perfect way to modernize your workplace. These lights, which install seamlessly into existing T-grid ceilings like fluorescents, are much more efficient at reflecting light. Traditional fluorescent bulbs and ballasts can be replaced with LEDs which provide instant-on light and never flicker. Unlike traditional fluorescent bulbs, our LED lights will keep your workplace bright and beautiful for years without flickering or frequent maintenance. We carry a wide variety of LED lights. Unlike common fluorescent bulbs, our lights are flicker-free and contain no mercury. We also have the more common sizes like 2×2 and 2×4 panels and troffers. All of our LED items come with a 5-year warranty and ship from our centrally located warehouse, which is stocked locally.

We offer volume discounts if you’re looking to purchase more than 40 lights. For any questions about our design services, please contact our account reps. Or if you need customer service, talk to our specialists.

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