What Are LED Corn Lights and How Do We Use Them?

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What Are LED Corn Lights?

Corn lights are LED light bulbs named for their resemblance to corn cobs. With the long shape and LED chips attached vertically down the body of the metal body, they resemble corn. However, the shape and design like corn are for a purpose. To emit heat. With the long body and large surface area, the heat from each LED chip has more space to dissipate heat. They may not sport the smooth styling of light bulbs of the past, but don’t let their appearance put you off: these LED bulbs put out extremely bright light using very little wattage, and they run for as much as six times longer than the older bulbs you’re used to, which means many fewer lamp replacements in your future.

Why Choose LED Corn lights?

There are many reasons why LED Corn Lights are now popular exterior lighting options, so we will cover the main factors.

  1. Energy Efficient & Bright: LED corn lights are used as a modern replacement for metal halide or HPS exterior lights. They can replace as high as 250-400 watts using only 60-150 watts. Due to the fact, their light output is so high consuming so little power, they’re a fantastic outdoor lighting option. Especially for small, medium, and large-scale projects.
  2. Easy Installation: LED corn lights come with E39/E40 bases and E26/E27 adaptors. Meaning they can be screwed in and installed into any lighting fixture, indoors or outdoors.
  3. Longer Lifespan: Compared to metal halide and HPS there are very little maintenance costs and them last much longer. LED Corn light’s longer lifespans make them great for street lighting projects, as they can produce 360-degree light for many years!

One of the biggest advantages of the corn light is that it allows people to upgrade their low bay, high bay, or outdoor lighting fixtures to LED without having to go through the trouble of replacing and discarding your existing fixtures. Simply bypass each fixture’s ballast and screw in your new energy-saving corn lights—turn the power back on, and wow.

LED corn Light Applications, Where Can They be Used?

For lighting solutions LED Corn Lights are preferred for any scenario requiring high lumens output with wide coverage. Due to their structure and the way they have LED chips all around the body of the light, they produce bright wide covering beams. The light from corn lights usually is at 3000K warm white, 4000K natural white, 5000K daylight or 6000K cool white temperature. Making them applicable for making clear vision outside at night time or illuminating an area needing task lighting. Wide covering general lighting or bright task lighting are the two most common uses for LED corn lights.

Application of IP65 LED Corn Bulb

What is the lumen output?

Knowing the lumen output of the LED Corn Light you are looking at is important when replacing an old bulb, as you want the new LED bulb to be just as bright, or even brighter than what you currently have. Typically older bulbs, Metal Halide for example, consume higher amounts of energy and create a higher electric bill, all while rapidly reducing the produced light overtime. When converting to LED Corn Lights, you will be consuming very low wattage therefore keeping your electrical costs low.

Always remember that when converting to LED, base your comparisons on the efficacy of the LED Corn Light rather than just wattage and lumens.

What can Fireflier provides regarding corn bulbs solution?

Currently, we have two solutions, one is IP64 LED Corn Bulb with 27W to 120W power range(130LPW), and the other is IP65 LED Corn Bulb with 10W to 200W power range(125LPW). Customers can choose one of them based on their actual demand.

non flickering LED Corn bulb 80W

What are they rated, and is there a warranty?

FIREFLIER LED Corn Lights are rated for use in fully enclosed fixtures, along with use in open fixtures due to their IP rating. Having a LED Corn Light that is IP64/IP65 rated tells you that it can sustain dust, insects, and indirect water, however, it cannot be in direct contact with these elements. In most applications, the fixtures housing the corn light are designed to protect the bulb and have no issues, but there are always alternative products if you can’t avoid water contact, just ask!

Thus bringing us to the manufacturer warranty, which most reliable companies will offer and stand behind with no problem. FIREFLIER offers a 5-year unlimited warranty on all their LED Corn Lights, and have a hassle-free process. In the event you ever have an issue with one of FIREFLIER products please do not hesitate to reach out to us as our warranty team is here to help!

Questions or comments? We always have ears open to any new input and suggestions, as we enjoy learning from others and sharing knowledge. Contact us today for your complimentary quote on any project, or just to give some input, 86-130-8886-9086 or

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